Jam Tarts

Yummy jam tarts made with a traditional golden-baked shortcrust pastry and real jams packed with fruity flavour. We bring you three of the favourite classic flavours in this pack, all baked to our original recipe and tasting just as good as they look in the pack.

The only dilemma is which to choose?

Apple Pies

When it comes to Apple Pies, we know you want the best, carefully-selected Bramley apples and ours are packed with them! Sharp apple pieces from orchard-ripe fruit, hand-picked just as the natural sugars are ripened. We mix these in with a Bramley rich sauce that enables you to enjoy a glossy, sweet and sharp filling that is encased in our traditional golden-baked shortcrust pastry. And we don't stop there as we add a dusting of sugar to give you that little sweet crunch as you take a bite. Mmmm, delicious!

Cherry Bakewells

One of the best-loved traditional tarts ever and we make them to perfection! The perfect Cherry Bakewell delivers multi textures with a sweet almond flavour. We have been making these for years and certainly know how to make the very what good looks like. Our raspberry flavour real-fruit jam is laid onto a pastry case just before the almond frangipane sponge is added.

We golden bake these in our pie ovens to a crisp, short texture. Once cooled, we add a glossy, sweet white fondant icing and hand place red glace cherries grown in Provence. We seal them in film to ensure you get the perfect texture each and every time you treat yourself. Go on, you know you want to!

Mince Pies

When it comes to Mince Pies – trust us, no one does it better! They have been enjoyed since the middle ages and are still as popular today. We use the finest ingredients to make our mincemeat with vine fruits grown in the Mediterranean, infused with a delicate mix of sugars and spices. We fill our shortcrust pastry cases with this lovely mincemeat and then top them with a festive-motif shortcrust pastry lid that is expertly baked. The result is a perfect pie topped off with a sprinkling of sugar to add that little bit of sparkle to your Christmas treat!